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  • What kind of safety tips can you give us in general?

    If something seems too good to be true chances are it most probably is. That is why we encourage customers to meet buyers or sellers in a public place and in daylight and to take a friend with them. If anything bad or suspicious happens, they should get in touch with the authorities straight away. Always ask for a receipt of purchase because you might be buying a stolen item. If someone is breaking our rules and a customer reports them, we will block them and delete their ad. If it is a very serious issue, we encourage customers to call the police.

  • What are your safety tips for buyers?

    Always try to meet in person as this gives you the chance to check what you are buying before you pay. Check whether the item is real as some items like phones or tickets are known for being either fakes or copies. Be aware of this and check the item before buying it. Try to pay in cash because some people use tricks to take your money when you pay online so always aim for cash. It is safe to use Paypal, but you won’t be able to get a refund if something goes wrong if you use Family & Friends option. Paypal offers a service called "" which also doesn't get you a refund if something goes wrong. Where applicable always ask for paperwork. Especially when buying a car, bringing a pet home or buying electronics. Ask for receipts, certificates or log books. Avoid dodgy links. If someone asks you to pay through PayPal, log in directly through the PayPal website. Don’t click on suspicious links in emails that claim to be from PayPal.

  • A seller wants me to send him/her the money via Western Union. What to do?

    Do not do it as it is probably a scam. Western Union is usually used to send money abroad so it is highly likely that your seller is not even in the UK. Full Ads always tries to approve genuine ads only, as maximum customer satisfaction is our top priority. However, we cannot always be 100% certain whether an ad is false or genuine. If you encounter such ads, mark them as false and we will remove them from our system as soon as possible.

  • What kind of safety advice can you offer to sellers?

    If someone is paying cash, make sure to check whether the banknotes are real. If a buyer says they have sent you too much money then asks for the surplus back, it is probably a scam. Ask your bank whether any money has been paid into your account.

  • How do I place an ad?

    To place a FREE, FEATURED or URGENT & FEATURED ad on Full Ads, you have to register for a FREE USER ACCOUNT. Upon registration, you can place your ads at any time by simply logging into your user profile on our website. You can place a new ad by clicking PLACE AN AD button on the homepage. Placing the ad after registration is rather easy and you just need to fill in a few lines such as: title of the ad, price in £, category, photos, ad description, type of ad which is a compulsory filed (FREE, FEATURED or URGENT & FEATURED ad), your name, phone number and address. After filling in all the details, click POST MY AD and your ad will be submitted to Full Ads for a review. Usually it takes 24h for your new ad to appear on our network.

  • Are free ads free for everyone?

    Yes, free ads are free for everyone and you can post up to 2 free ads per day. You can advertise anything as long as it corresponds to our categories and as long as it doesn't go against our Policies and Terms & Conditions. We hold the right to remove your ad from our system without warning if we determine that it isn't in line with our Policies and Terms & Conditions.

  • What to do if I would like to post a featured or an urgent-featured ad?

    To post a featured or an urgent-featured ad, you need to purchase one of our packages. You can do that right on the bottom part of the main page or in the Packages section of Full Ads. You can pay either via PayPal, with a credit or debit card or with Bitcoin (BTC). Card payments are processed by PayPal, but if you don't have a PayPal account you can still make the payment by using any of the major credit or debit cards.

  • How do I purchase a featured or an urgent-featured ad?

    You can purchase your plan on the bottom of the homepage or on our PACKAGES page of the website. The process is rather easy and straightforward. Just select the right package for you, click "Select Plan", check out your cart and finalise the purchase by making a PayPal or a Credit/Debit card payment via our payment processing partner (PayPal).

  • How to post a featured or featured-urgent ad after purchase?

    After payment and upon purchase you qualify to post an ad in our FEATURED section. You can do this by simply filling in the PLACE AN AD form as you would normally do for a free ad with one difference - in TYPE OF AD you have to mark your ad as either FEATURED or URGENT-FEATURED depending on the package you purchased. Free ads marked as featured or featured-urgent or inappropriately marked ads will not be approved by our admins. We advise you to always use high-quality images in your ad as this increases the visibility of your ad.

  • For how long will my free ad stay visible on Full Ads?

    Free ads can be active in each category for the period of 7 days. However, this depends on the category that your ad is in and on the volume of new ads that are being posted to the same category each day. In some categories where the traffic is slower, your free ad will remain active for up to 30 days.

  • For how long will my featured or urgent-featured ad stay active for?

    Depending on the package you purchased your featured ad can remain active for the period from 7 to 30 days.

  • How to resume the featured or urgent-featured service on Full Ads?

    Each purchase you make on Full Ads is for that particular package so once the package expires it will not be automatically renewed. If you would like to post a new ad in the FEATURED section you should purchase a new package and repeat the process with posting an ad. This means you will have to compose a new description and insert new photos. However if you already have an old ad in front of you and you want to keep the same form and description, you can always use copy/paste function.